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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 31, 2017 2:05am-2:35am EST

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came to a screeching halt on the schuylkill. what led to 0 car pileup on "the buzz" y expressway. and despite nearly inches of snow, it was business as usual in bala-cynwyd. nearly 3" of snow in that area as the snow fell people made their way on the sidewalks and on snow-covered streets as well and also in some parts of our region the snow seemed to fall in a very, very pleasant way and this was the scene in chester county where the community got more than 3" from the passing storm. now the snow came and went but the bitter cold seems to be here to stay at least for now. good evening, everyone, i'm natasha brown thanks for joining us it is going to be a freezing start to the new yea year. meteorologist lauren casey monitoring this frigid forecast and lauren, it's going to get worse from here right. >> it will get worse and if you think it could not get worse it will get worse. we have not seen coldest air just yet and of course today we threw in snow to add to enjoyment and snowfall totals
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across the area inch and a half to three and a half inches and one out liar atlantic city close to five inches of fluffy snow. same in king of prussia and delco picking up 3" and north east philly three inches of saturday snowfall. quiet conditions right now and flurries passing through the big apple. otherwise we'll keep it quiet precipitation-wise throughout the overnight period. and snow and ice an the ground tonight. do watch out for areas of black ice. overnight tonight and even really through much of the day tomorrow because road salt is lessee infective at 20 degrees or colder while temperatures in the teens overnight tonight and for a good chunk of tomorrow of course plaque ice difficult to see so be sure to use extreme caution and then we have one of our coldest new year's days on record in store. and the coldest ever back in 1918 when it was only 16 degrees and forecast high for monday 19 degrees coldest in
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100 years and this is rare cold on only 12 occasions since 1800s have we had new year's day in philly less than 30 degrees let alone less than 20. we'll talk about new year's day forecast and what it feels like when we ring in the new year midnight. that's coming up in a few, natasha. >> thank you lauren so much. with it bitter blast expected to last the city of philadelphia onened new code blue warming center today. eyewitness news at this remember heation center in aramingo in concernsings ton before it onened to the pub luck at 5:00. from now, tuesday, 5 p.m., hot drinks, blankets and toile toiletryes will be provided at this location to those in need of shelter. if you see a homeless person sleeping on the streets, city officials ask that you call the homeless out reach hot line. that number 215-232-1984 to make sure they get to a warm and safe place. now it was only a couple of inches or snow but enough snow
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fell to create serious problems on the roadways today. one of several accidents was 20 car pileup that shut down the westbound lanes in schuylkill expressway. and the crash happened near the gladwyne exit before 8:00 this morning and one person was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the traffic backed up for miles and miles. now a couple and their dog were at a stand still when eyewitness news caught up with them. >> how long are you guys sitting in this. >> probably 30 minutes. >> 30 minutes. >> 30 snints. >> yeah. >> well the length of time just kept growing and ultimately the westbound lanes were shut down for three hour hours. and the delays were so prolonged that many motorists were treat todd choosing instead to get off the schuylkill any way they possibly could. >> penndot officials told eyewitness news it used 1 100,000 tons of salt and had 300 vehicles out in response to slushy road conditions. that response will continue throughout the night. we will continue to
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monitor road conditions and weather and wheeling retrea retreating roadways throughout the afternoon and evening. just because the flakes stopped you know falling we're going to be out there monitoring roadways as i said retreating and making them as safe as we can. >> well if you do see plows and salt trucks out and about on the roadways, penndot officials say give them plenty of space. officials advice that motorists stay at least six car lengths behind plows and never try to pass them for the driver's safety and safety of drivers in trucks as well. >> and philadelphia new year's day tradition the mummer's parade will go on as planned despite frigid weather we're experiencing, eyewitness news joe holden spoke with several mummers today about how they plan to stretch out a bitter cold broad street this year. live at city hall with detail details. hey, joe. >> natasha the parade must go on and in fact it's been
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cancelled two times in its entire long running history and it's been postponed two dozen times and the word on the streets tonight especially from performers is that yes, they are going to layer up and i can tell you there is a demand for hand warmers and thermals. >> saturday night. >>. >> good times across south philly as mummer's nation readies fortr string band chew street at tasker definitive came out it will roll out mondao go on new year's day. it's not when they cancel and have a week later. >> philadelphia glittery and eye-catching new year's day tradition will be met with subfreeze iting temperatures and biting wind and we're told the string band association voted against marching monday but was defeated by 3-2 outcome.
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charlie cook plays sax. >> there's a couple hours in the cold and it gets stuck yes. >> he worries about it look locking up in the cold. >> fist of all you have to keep yourself warm and keep your fingers warm because you're holding a brass metal instrument. on the other side of town lots of work left to be done in south philadelphia strins band 28 and porter. >> it's all about being on tv and props. >> guys here covered headed to toe in flightier were adding touches to haunted western salon scene they'll perform for judges and some changes to parade will allow for performers to stay warm. >> the city allowed us to keep buses with the band so if we need to get warm we can jump on buses for a period of time. >> they'll have the buses that they can jump on and off of with their perform ans down market street and they'll be judged at city hall and the city will provide a warming tent before they go on to do sookts they can of course get
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that body heat up. they won't be doing what i've been doing for the last ten minutes pretty much standing like a statue. they will be moving along round and they also tell me that adrenalin will take them over the finish line. not sure about the crowd though. it will be a tough time signature there watching that hour's long parade on new year's day. for now, though, that is the story live outside city hall i'm joe holden cbs3 eyewitness news, natasha. >> joe thank you so much. you can get warm now. appreciate that. and well developing tonight in other news police in south yrzy are investigating a stabbing after two women were found dead in collingswood. police say they respond todd reported stabbing at a home on the 100 block east of narberth ter res 5 this evening and official with camden county prosecutor's office told eyewitness news no further information is available at this time. and of course, we'll continue to follow this story and bring you more develops as we learn more information. >> and well so a suspect is
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now in custody for a violent rain reported in chester on christmas eve. chester police say the victim was able to identify this man shaquille tilghman as her assailant. and the victim told officers she was grabbed by hair and threatened with a knife while working through desean park last surprised. the suspect dragged the victim into the woods where he raped and stabbed her. and tilghman is now being held on a million dollars bail and the victim was admitted to corzer-chester medical center for her injuries. >> and now port authority police say this man meantime is facing child endangerment charges after putting his hand on a boy at newark airports on friday. and investigators say sherwin shake an massaged a 1 14-year-old's boy's back without permission at a luggage car sell and handed the boy a note with money that stated, this is money for letting me give you a massage. thank you. and investigators caught one this man at a nearby hotel
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and discovered more notes and more money and other alarming content. and a bronx community is in mourning after a fire swept through an apartment building there thursday killing twelve people. and despite the bitter cold last night loved ones and neighbors all gathered near the building for a vigil. lighting cappedlees and saying prayers for those lost in this blaze. and many of the victims were children. new york city officials say the fire was accidentally started by a toddler playing with a stove in his house. >> and the oldest daughter of black lives matter figure eric garner died after suffering from a heart attack. erika garner became a voice for police accountability following 2014 death of her father and he died after a new york city police officer ut hut him in a choke hold making him key figure in the black lives matter movement. his daughter carried on the fight against police pru tallty. he was 27 years old. >> and stay with us everyone, still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. philadelphia is preparing for
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the new year making sure that all ref letters have a great experience. >> we always look at response and preparedness and make adjustments. >> a look at technology they're using this year to help keep crowds safe. plus the new year would not be the same without the ball drop in new york city. we're going to take you to times square where the final preparations are taking place. >> and coming up later, a natural phenomenon off the california coast. it's wowing people from all around the world. why gray whales are popping up
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organizer completed preparations for the new york ball drop they tested prog fwres up and down the pole an lighting display. new year's eave ball will drop down a 130 foot pole in middle of times square precisely at midnight as always on sunday ushering new year. >> now with everyone pretty much keeping an eye on the cold for the new year's festivities there was quite a focus on security as well. they unveiled changes to new year's eve security plan. eyewitness news reporter alicia nieves has details. >> as we prepare to do this again ring in the new year, millions will do so this time with unprecedented security nearby and they'll be more local fade and federal police
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officers ever before in places like times square in new york and snrip las vegas. heightened security comes after terror attack this year in respective cities and after the federal government just announced new year's ever sell braiings in major cities may be a target. they posed highest threat for an attack right now. >> right now no credible identified threats in philadelphia. >> deputy commissioner dennis wilson with the philadelphia police department says philadelphia does not need the same unprecedented measures this new year's eve that are expected in new york and las vegas. at the time same the mript prefers the better safe than story approach and has changed some of the police plan this leaked we looked at our response and preparedness and made ajust thes. we have many layers of security. >> or obvious reasons thor is are not releasing city full security planned this new yea year's eave and day and say is you can expect more police officers this we're than last year and you can also expect more of these mobile surveillance systems throughout the city and over
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the parade you will see a police drone to be another eye in the sky. >> they're very good for large events you get overhead view of whole he vent and if something happens you can zoom in on what the problem is maybe before a police officer can get. there i don't think they've ever been deployed here. >> and over the mummers parade for the first time and hundred receipt out police state best asset you. if you see something or someone suspicious say something. in philadelphia, alicia nieve nieves. cbs3, eyewitness news. >> and well you know if you're feeling lukey we hope you bought a lottery ticket or two. powerball and mega millions reached a combined total of $727 million. tonight was powerball drawing. here are the winning numbers everyonement here they are. 58, 28, 51, 41, 36 and powerball is 24. now mega millions drawing for jackpot above $300 million that's on tuesday so good luc
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luck. >> now this is how niagara falls look when temperatures dip below freezing. it has not frozen the falls yet but locals predict the water falls could come to icy mawlt if the present cold snap continues. the last time the falls froze soiled was january of 2014 lauren wow that's always amazing sight when i see that. >> it's spectacular oh, my goodness. >> i understand. >> i understand. >> we're not the only ones. misery loves company. >> clearly. >> good chunk of country is dealing with extreme cold right now and it's persistence ain't going away. >> that's not -- >> let's stick around. >> i didn't think so. >> temperature today 28 degrees last time we were at freezing in philadelphia was tuesday at about p.m. and we're going stay below freezing for likely another 7 days. our low temperature this morning 18 degrees and it is
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frigid right now as we get a live look at center city philadelphia and snow-covered streets, 1 degrees westerly winds 12 miles an hour and we'll keep the breeze around for overnight period. and feeling more like nine degrees now. storm scan showing us snow moved out flurries well north in new york state and clouds around and this cold not going anywhere. 18 in allentown and 10 in mounts pocono and we're 20 in atlantic city and yes, this cold air is entrenched across eastern half of united states four in columbus and as far as south as florida temperatures in the 30s and cold by atlanta standards with temperatures 37 degrees and we have a wind that kicked newspaper many locations. winds now northwest 20 miles an hour rehoboth beach. definitely good night to stay up doors and watch a movie and dover around 14 miles an hour adding to this wind chill impact. feel more like five in reading and 6 below in mounts pocono
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and 8 that hour in wildwood. overnight tonight partly clou cloudy that frigid breeze continues temperature 16 and for sunday high temperatures will be colder by about 5 degrees than 'what what we had today. 23, mix of sun and clouds and blustery winds 15. wind chills will be in the single digits the if you head to birds game. going to need all that eagles gear piled up in players. 21 kickoff. and still single digits wind chill temperatures with a little more sunshine by end of game. and then as we head toe midnight ending 2017 kicking off the new year with biting cold and bitter breeze. your temperature in center city, philadelphia, 13 midnight and wind chill temperatures around 1 below and even worse for carbon and monroe county and wind chill advisory in effect and kicks in 11 a.m. monday wind chill values in higher elevations to near 16 and even 20 lobe zero
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future feels like temperatures shoysz what it feels like when waking up tomorrow morning not good two above in philadelphia feeling 1 in trenton and kickoff looking like 7 in philly and 3 above in allentown and feeling like 8 in atlantic city and as we push towards mid nights feeling like near zero in philadelphia and immediate suburbs feeling 2 below in atlantic city and as we need monday morning starting off the new year waking up to 20 below wind chill factor in poconos. three below philly and 5 below millville and this cold weather extends all the way through next week as well. 25 degrees high temperature on tuesday. not quite as harsh on wednesday when we will have a shot at getting to freezing but if we don't, this could be one of our longest consecutive streaks of subfreezing temperatures in philadelphia on record because we dive back down into the low 20ss by the end of next week and start of next weekend. i wrote more cold saturday i didn't know what to say.
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>> more. >> i think that says it all. >> can't get past the 8 degrees on there. >> thank you lauren. we appreciate it. >> we're not going to shoot the messenger. >> you're still our friend. >> lesley lots of basketball action today. >> villanova earlier and villanova ruling big east and one team has their number and saquon barkley with another great game and he'll tell us if it was final game at penn state. one eagle finally makes
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>> eagles go for franchise record win when they take on the cowboys. stars will play. doug pederson has not determined how long they'll stay in the game and sydney jones will see first action of the season. second round pick from washington missed season with torn achilles suffered during pro day. rated top corner back in draft before injury. defensive coordinator jim schwartz says he's ready. >> mentally and technique wise and things like that he's
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trending the right way. i mean, but let's not mistake what we're doing for brain surgery or anything. you know he's been around since tovrment as. he should know what to do. >> you can join me sports director don bell eagles merrill reese with a cold lincoln financial field as we talk about the debut of sydney jones tomorrow morning sunday kickoff 11:0 on cbs. >> to college football penn state in the dessert taking on the fiesta bowl 11th whip of the season and penn state waste nothing time getting on the scoreboard. looking deep. desean hamilton looks open and scores a 48 yard touchdown. and still in the first we had handoff to saquon barkley. lives into the end zone for touchdown and nittany lines go up. and barkley breaks loss. finds seem and gone.
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29 yards to house. he finishes with 137 yards and mc sorely threw for 133 yards as they beat washington. saquon was asked, are you going to turn pro? >> there's day after or two weeks or last day, i'll maiing that decision when it hits me on the side of my head i'll know what decision i'll make. like i said it's been playing for this team this year. sixers con initing west coast trip against nuggets and jojo was no go and embib not cleared yet. brett brown's squad lost 6 out of 7 and 4 games under 400 and up by and hitting a three and sixers up by 11. he is loving it. little later, man down and scores on jump hook. sixers lead 105-100 nature fourth. >> to college hoops fourth ranged and top ranked undefea
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undefeated villanova on the road to butler. last year bulldogs handed wild dogs first loss of season could they do it again. jay wright was going for 400th win cats trailing by 23 second half and jaylen brun swop lefty floater cuts the lead to 8. he finished with 31 points and butler responds and they break the press and pass to kaylin martin and knocks down three and bulldogs shot 68% from behind the arch and butler hands wildcats first loss of season 101-93 final they won the last three games against villanova. atlantic ten action this afternoon lasalle opening against st. louis. later poge with a pass to hamar stookz knocks down three from corner. shot 51% from the field and st. louis 83-60 and other local action houston beating temple and owls 0-2 conference
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play and st. joe lost atlantic 10 opener against gw 10. >> stay with us everyone. still ahead on eyewitness news nature is stunning tourists from all around the world. we'll show you where gray whales are popping up with their young allowing people to have up close and
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it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night. ah! david, please, listen. still not coughing. not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! why take 4-hour cough medicine? just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. >> welcome back mazeing natural phenomenon has people all over the world flocking to the mexican coast of the pacific ocean and why the first gray whales of miing tori season pass through the area the creatures travel more than 11,000 miles during migration between wrushia and alaska and we'll spend winter near it california coast to reproduce. >> fist experience was five years ago and we saw a lot of
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whales, gray whales and bigger whales breached in distance and so lots of birds, bell caps and so on and so yeah we really enjoyed that experience and that's why we said we're coming back. >> many tour right able to have closeen counters with the whales because they float very close to the surface. and the high concentration of salt in water allows new whale sal ofs to float and learn to swim. >> i love whales. >> and lauren loves whales. >> for the record. >> we'll be right back
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sxwlv we aren't the only place people and pets are all bundled up against the cold. bade elephants at elephant cam in myanmar put on colorful blankets when the temperature dropped before the holidays thanks to blankets for baby rhinos each littleel at that point received a especially made blanket. >> cute. >> very cute. >> that's going to do it for us tonight everyone, i'm natasha brown, for lesley, lauren, thanks for joining us natasha brown, for lesley, lauren, thanks for joining us take care.
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byron allen, coming to you from this is "the american athlete". get ready to hang out with some of the world's greatest sports superstars. sammy sosa. >> somebody give me a check! momma, sammy just showed me how to bat! >> jeff burton. >> you've always got to pay attention to what your car is doing. you would think that at 200 miles an hour you wouldn't feel little bitty things. >> rahman. >> lennox lewis. >> sammy, how are you? >> what did your dad do? >> my father -- father had a
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couple tractors. >> your dad, a couple tractors? >> yeah. he died when i was seven years old. but my mother work hard to raise us and that is -- my mother. >> does your mom appreciate the game? we know she loves you. does she appreciate the game? >> she watch the game every day. she pray for me. every at-bat that i go on of. she's like, you know, she's like that. every time i hit, she is jumping around like, yeah, yeah! >> when you hit a homerun are you thinking of mom? >> yes, that thing you have is more your mom. love your mother. every time. >> what do you do to prepare for a game? >> pretty much wake up. have lunch. listen to my music, then go to the ballpa


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